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  • Errors in designing online stores: TOP-10 for the homepage and catalog
    Errors in designing online stores: TOP-10 for the homepage and catalog
    Hello, in this article, I discuss the top mistakes that can cause businesses to lose money based on around 50 audits of online stores. I provide examples and explain using research.In my work, I focus on CX, customer experience. I make the design not only visually appealing but also functional. It's important for the shopper to easily navigate the store, find the desired products, and not get distracted from making purchases. To help the business earn, we study research from reputable design institutes and conduct our own analytics. In this article, I share the key observations.5 mistakes on the store's homepageThe homepage is the first point of contact for the user. In some cases, it determines whether they will explore the store or continue browsing the internet. The page should display important information for the user, be clear and impressive, and encourage action and engagement. Let's explore the mistakes to avoid on the front page of the store:Mistake 1: The homepage doesn't showcase the product range.Sometimes, it's difficult to understand what products the store offers from the homepage. This can confuse users, making them think that the desired product is not available on the site, leading them to leave and seek alternatives. In this case, the business loses a customer right at the beginning of their journey, even before they get acquainted with the store.For example, if you visit a sports store's homepage and only see hiking gear, while the company sells various sports products from swimming trunks to exercise bikes: Read more
  • On Computational Nature of Reality
    On Computational Nature of Reality
    I explain experimental results of Bell’s Theorem by superdeterminism. I follow with insights into how such a universe may arise and be compatible with the subjective experience of free will. Read more
  • Röwşen stores hold a summer shoe sale
    Röwşen stores hold a summer shoe sale
    Since June 1, Röwşen footwear stores have announced discounts on certain models of men's, women's and children's shoes made of genuine leather. From the first day...
  • WTO Delegation to Visit Turkmenistan
    WTO Delegation to Visit Turkmenistan
    Business TmBusiness Tm
    Delegation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) will visit Turkmenistan’s capital Ashgabat on May 29-31 this year, the News Central Asia Agency reported on Friday. The...